Part of your heart goes with the child that dies. After the deepest sorrow, we keep walking—we try to find meaning and live wholeheartedly despite our loss. The intention of this holistic healing retreat is to create a safe place to nurture yourself, connect with the child you have lost, and discover a community of people who have walked the same steps you have and with whom you can find meaning, healing, and transformation.


Nurture Yourself

Our lives are always busy. When we have experienced the loss of a baby, it is hard to find time and space to tend to our healing and ourselves. Therefore, we imagined this retreat as a break from all of that—a chance to practice unconditional love for yourself. This is a gift you are giving yourself, to honor you, your child, and your journey. Come and be taken care of. Let yourself rest. Nurture your body and spirit.

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Connect With Your Child

This retreat is a place to share your child’s story and legacy. Many of us fear losing our connection with our children who have passed, so we hope that by taking this time for yourself, you are able to connect with your baby in a meaningful way.

retreat-find-community-return to zero-miscarriage-stillbirth-pregnancy loss

Find Community

It is an essential part of the healing process that you do not feel alone or isolated. You will have the opportunity to make connections in a safe and sacred environment with others who have been through a similar experience of losing a child—whether it be in pregnancy, infancy, or toddlerhood. Feel free to take off the mask you wear every day and be your true self. You will form friendships that will support you and your journey long after the retreat is over.