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Accommodations and Amenities

Accommodations at Aldermarsh are shared rooms with 2-3 people per room and shared bathrooms. 

There are two cabins available at a slightly lower price, but they do not have bathrooms—you would need to walk to the main house to use the bathroom.

Guests have use of the outdoor Japanese soaking tubs and the Kiva (cordwood sweat lodge). 

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All of your meals will be prepared by a local farm-to-table caterer, who uses high-quality, local organic ingredients to offer an array of delicious and nutritious options at every meal. At this retreat, people may go through a certain depth of processing, and our goal is to provide food and caring service that is supportive of this.

We try our best to cater for special needs and dietary requirements, making sure every retreat participant is cared for so they can relax and enjoy the retreat without any food apprehensions.