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Accommodations and Amenities

Accommodations at SunMountain are in one of two historic homes, Onaledge or Rockledge. Rooms are shared with 2-4 people per room. 

The rooms in the historic homes have a light, spacious, and yet very cozy feel. All rooms feature luxurious bedding. All rooms include in-room bathroom suites, with organic cotton terrycloth bathrobes. Each house has organic coffee and teas available in the main kitchen to be enjoyed at guests’ leisure.

Attendees also have use of hot tubs at both houses.

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The kitchen at SunMountain Center prepares vegetarian, gluten-free, and organic meals during our stay. They utilize the biodynamic agriculture of the property with an emphasis on creating healing cuisine. Incorporating foods from the farm and kitchen garden, as well as making use of the local mineral water, ensures the highest quality and intention goes into each and every meal prepared here.

SunMountain Center is committed to consciously growing their own food in a sustainable way so that we all may live in harmony with Mother Earth. The kitchen staff strives to create food that is not only meant to be healthy but also beautiful and appeals to all the senses.