Our goal is to offer unconditional support for all parents who have lost babies, no matter what their age, situation, or stage of their grief journey.

Can I be pregnant and still attend?

Yes. We have had women who are pregnant attend the previous retreats. Pregnancy after loss can be filled with anxiety, and we hope that you can connect with others at the retreat who have walked this part of the journey and can share their experiences with you.

If I am a parent of a toddler who passed away, can I attend?

Yes. Although the majority of the people attending the retreat have experienced the death of a child during or shortly after pregnancy, we know that grief of a young child is similarly heartbreaking.

If I am a parent who terminated a pregnancy for a medical reasons, can I attend?

Yes. We know that if you have terminated a pregnancy, it was the hardest, most painful decision of your life. You are grieving the death of your baby.

Does my baby’s death need to be recent to attend?

No. We have had people attend the retreat whose loss was as recent as 3 weeks and as long ago as 17 years.

Is there an age limit?

No. The pain from the death of a baby never goes away. If it has been a long time since your baby has passed, but you feel like it's the right moment to dedicate special time to your healing, please join us.

Are the retreats based in a specific religion?

Our goal is to create a safe space for people of all faiths to process their grief and begin their healing journey. We do not bring a specific religion into the retreat curriculum, however all participates are free to include God in their own experience. There will be elements of spirituality available in connecting with your self, grief, and the baby that died, but it is up to each participant on how they do this.

Are infants and children allowed?

Unfortunately, this is an adults-only retreat.

Can men or couples attend this retreat?

Unfortunately, at this time the retreats are currently for women-only.

Are my roommates assigned?

If you have any special requests, please write them in the "Additional Comments" section of the registration page. We will try our hardest to meet your expectations but cannot make any guarantees.

If you have other questions that have not been answered here please email us at connect@rtzhope.org.