Accommodations at the Gymea Eco Retreat Centre & Spa are shared double rooms, each room including its own shower and toilet. The rooms are equipped with luxury 5-star eco-inner-sprung latex topped single beds. All bedding and room furnishings have been carefully selected to meet biodynamic or organic certification standards.

The Gymea Spa provides you with a real opportunity to soak up the beauty, unwind, and relax. At the spa, you can choose from a Sauna, Steam Room, Ozone Hydrotherapy Spa, and Magnesium Plunge Pool. The focus at Gymea Spa is moving from the head to the heart. You will be taken on a healing journey imbued with love and nurturing, with a focus on the whole self, including your soul connection.

The Magnesium Pool is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon bonding with the other women. It's refreshing and soothing to your body. We guarantee this will be a highlight of your stay!