Yoga after Loss

Kiley Hanish of RETURN TO ZERO and Milena Hunter, yoga instructor, are offering gentle meditation and yoga classes for parents (men or women, single or together) who have endured the death of a baby, during pregnancy or infancy, or young child.

Our goal is to create a supportive community in Los Angeles - Kiley lives here and wants to combine her passion for yoga and helping other bereaved parents find hope and healing after this devastating loss. 

Yoga is a tool to help you retreat from the world, connect with and find compassion for yourself, move the grief in your body, and find a community of other parents who have shared the experience of losing a child.

Location: Still Yoga - 2395 Glendale Blvd, Silverlake (@ Rockaway Plaza - free parking in the lot)

*Bring your yoga mat or you can rent one at the studio

Dates: We are currently on break for the summer

Time: 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Cost: $15 per class (if you cannot afford this, please email us) 

Payments are accepted through credit card (pay prior to class), checks made out to "Return to Zero Center for Healing," and cash.

* To find out updates about classes, make sure you are signed up to receive our RTZ Center for Healing Newsletter here. Any specific questions can be emailed to Kiley

Trauma and Yoga

The death of a child is a traumatic event, and our bodies might lose the ability to regain a sense of safety and relaxation, living in a state of hyper-arousal and "survival mode". We are "on alert" and the anxiety can be overwhelming. One common denominator of all traumas is an "alienation and disconnection from the body and a reduced capacity to be present in the here and now". 

Neuroscience research tells us that "our sense of ourselves is anchored in a vital connection with our bodies". That said, "people who are traumatized need to have physical and sensory experiences to unlock their bodies...tolerate their sensations, befriend their inner experiences and cultivate new action patterns." As a means of coping, some people might be attracted to yoga classes, but while others may be intimidated or overwhelmed by them. 

We hope that through this yoga class you will become empowered, present, and develop a sense of connection to yourself. The movement either through prana (breath work) or asana (poses) will help to move the grief and trauma stored in your body. We want you to cultivate self-compassion, letting go of guilt and shame. 

Emerson, D. & Hopper, E. (2011). Overcoming Trauma through Yoga: Reclaiming your body. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA.

Dr. Kiley Krekorian Hanish is a bereaved mother and occupational therapist living in Los Angeles.  She is interested in the transformative aspects of grief, specifically how storytelling, meaningful activities, experiences, and the environment contribute to healing.  



Milena Hunter is originally from Belgrade Serbia. She moved to the U.S. in September of 2009. This monumental life change came with an emotional price. After a few months here, Milena was introduced to Yoga and since then her love for the practice has not stopped growing. Milena has found her true calling as a yoga teacher. She enjoys teaching as much as she enjoys practicing, thrilled to wake up each day and go to the studio.

Kiley and her husband Sean are creators of the film Return to Zero starring Minnie Driver and Paul Adelstein. It is based on their personal experience of their son Norbert, who was stillborn, and is the first movie to tackle the taboo subject of stillbirth.