Every family experiencing pregnancy and infant loss will have access to resources, social support, and informed professional care to empower families to live a meaningful and hopeful life.


Return to Zero: HOPE is a non-profit organization engaging a global community of bereaved parents and their health providers to improve mental health outcomes, while also advancing pregnancy and infant loss awareness, education, and support.

Return To Zero: H.O.P.E.

  • is a national nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, CA.

  • provides services and support to parents who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

  • seeks to optimize care and healing for families by collaborating with women’s health care providers.

  • hosts holistic healing retreats for mothers who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

  • provides educational materials, trainings, and simple interventions for maternal health providers to help mitigate trauma and future mental health impacts on parents.

  • creates online communities to support families who otherwise may be suffering in silence and isolation.

  • empowers parents to advocate for themselves using research-based guides and tools we have developed.

  • conducts impactful research to seek best practices to care for grieving families.

  • educates friends and family to better support bereaved parents as they grieve.