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I Carried You - Personal Affirmation Cards for Pregnancy Loss
by Aila + Lior

This year, give gifts worth giving: support and self-care! These gorgeous cards—beautifully crafted after the creator’s own experience of miscarriage—contain messages of support, balance, hope, healing, and positive psychology for women who have been touched by pregnancy loss. These little beauties will make the perfect gift for the mamas in your life who need a little extra love and affirmation after loss, and each purchase will enable RTZ to continue our work in transforming the culture of silence and isolation surrounding pregnancy and infant loss. Win - win!


Key themes of the cards:

  • Grief, support, balance, hope

  • Gentle words based on positive psychology

  • Healing words for the heart, mind and spirit

The set includes:

  • Deluxe box

  • 40 Personal Declaration cards

  • 'Tips for Using Personal Declaration Cards'

Card features:

  • High quality 350gsm card stock

  • Card Size: 70mm x 120mm

  • Gorgeous floral designs, in muted jewel and floral tones

  • Gold foil card backing

Suggested donation $50 (includes shipping)